Contributor Awards

The Biodiversity Atlas – India Project relies largely on the enthusiastic participation and valuable contributions of the citizen and professional scientists. We recognize these valuable contributions with the following awards, usually given out with accompanying gifts of natural history books, posters, t-shirts, stickers, etc.:


BIODIVERSITY ATLAS: award for an extraordinary contribution to biodiversity studies in India through contributions to the BAI's website family.


CONTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR: award for the most number of spot records, species pages or other valuable data in a year.


CONTRIBUTOR OF THE MONTH: award for the most number of spot records in a month (qualify with a minimum of 100 images or 500 data points).


2017 AWARDS:


Biodiversity Atlas 2017: Award shared by Dr. Saji K. (4,273 images), Dr. Milind Bhakare (2,612 images), Paresh Churi (2,118 images), and Hemant Ogale (2,098 images) for their outstanding contribution to documentation of the early stages and larval host plants of Indian butterflies, through the Butterflies of India website. They will each receive a natural history field guide as a gift. Congratulations, Biodversity Atlas 2017 winners!


Contributor of the Year 2017: Nagraj V. is 2017's Contributor of the Year, with 388 images contributed to the Butterflies of India website. He makes the Bengaluru Butterfly Club proud! Nagraj will receive a copy of the new Butterflies of Uttarakhand book as a gift. His contribution beat that of Rohit Girotra (324 images), Dattaprasad Sawant (279 images), Arun Lal (215 images), Tushar Bhagwat (214 images), and Firos A. K. (212 images). However, all their images help us map the spatial and temporal patterns of occurrence of Indian butterflies.


Contributor of the Month 2017: Each award winner will get a Biodiversity Atlas – India mug as a gift:


June 2017: Nagraj V. (200 images)


November 2017: Arun Lal (203 images).



Contribute to the growth of natural history and biodiversity studies in India, compete for the awards, and win attractive natural history-related gifts!